Monday, 13 October 2014

Male Modelling with Neon Models

Male Modelling with Neon Models

Neon Models is a website dedicated to helping new models break into modelling, by giving advice about the industry, how to approach modelling agencies, tips on how to behave like a professional model, how to build a portfolio that is an asset for your modelling career, and much much more.

Neon Models
Neon Models
As you would expect, male models need to keep fit and toned. Although the modelling industry doesn't need every male model to have a body builders frame, a fit and healthy appearance is essential. Location is important when it comes to male modelling, it's a good idea to research what studios and model agencies are based near you. Obviously, there will be a lot more opportunities in big cities like New York and London than in suburban towns. If you can travel to modelling shoots, then fine - but can you be there as fast as another male model, if the need arises? 

Remember, male modelling is a tough business, so you need to be patient. Even the most attractive men in the world, some of today’s top models, have been rejected more than once. If one modelling agency or client passes on you, just think of it as an opportunity to find a better modelling agency. 

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